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Photo: Julia Kivelä

The leading development themes of Jyväskylä's ecosystem agreement ( are physical activity, health promotion and wellbeing and renewing industry.

The vision is to create better conditions for growth business related to physical activity, health promotion and wellbeing in Finland. A further aim is to solve societal challenges and promote the wellbeing of humanity. Operators in the field are connected to an impactful international value network and the thought leadership of wellbeing is anchored to Finland.

By 2027, Jyväskylä will have a physical and digital environment for experimentation and innovation in exercise, health promotion and wellbeing. This environment will be strengthened through innovative public procurement and development measures that support the commercialisation of innovations.

Sustainable urban development - ecosystem agreement | Jyväskylä.fi (website in Finnish)

Contact information:
Anne Sandelin, Director of Business Development and Employment Services,, tel. +358 405 819 958